French Symposium on Emerging Technologies for micro-nanofabrication

JNTE 2017 is the fifth edition of the JNTE symposium, after JNTE’15 organized at Ecole Centrale de Lyon, JNTE’13 in Evian, JNTE’10 at Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau and JNTE’08 at LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse.

JNTE 2017 will take place in Orléans from the 20th to the 22th of November. Save the date!!!

Download the first call and flyer : JNTE2017 First call

The main objective is to bring together on an interdisciplinary basis all the major actors of the scientific community involved in the development of emerging technologies for micro-nanofabrication, with applications in the domains of optics and photonics, physics of nanostructures, electronics, chemistry, biology.

Submission dates have been updated. Registration on SciencesConf and AZUR Colloque are now open


Language: The symposium is open to all actors of micro-nanotechnology in France, including students, post-doctoral fellows and visitors from foreign countries. For this reason, the language for all submitted contributions including the 2-page (max) abstract, and materials for oral and poster presentations is English. The language used by contributors during the symposium for their oral or poster presentations can be French or English.


The symposium will focus on emerging technologies for micro-nanofabrication, from fundamentals to complex integration techniques. It represents a unique opportunity:

  • to gather the scientific community involved in micro-nanotechnology, process engineering, physics and modeling of fabrication processes,
  • to enhance the diffusion of news results and ideas among the main actors, to make new fabrication concepts beneficial to other disciplines,
  • to create a continuity of expertise from fundamental studies on materials, new processing techniques, or modeling, to applied research on process engineering (integration of technologies, development of new micro-nanodevices, etc.),
  • to reinforce the interactions between the main actors of micro-nanotechnology integration (national, or proximity technology platforms, etc.), and between these actors and the scientific community involved in the development of specific processing techniques or characterization tools at a more fundamental stage.

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Université d'Orléans


Région Centre-Val-de-Loire


Polytech Orléans


- First call opening

March 22th, 2017
- Submission deadline (updated)
September 1st, 2017
- Registration opening
July 15th, 2017
- Conference
November 20th-22th, 2017
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