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Invited talks (confirmed):

– Stéphanie Baclet (Oxford Instruments, UK) – Atomic Layer Etching: a precision technique to enable tomorrow's technology

Vincent Bouchiat (Néel, Grenoble) – Graphène en monocouches continues de grande surface. Applications en électronique, nanomécanique et dans le biomédical

Jacky Even (INSA-FOTON, Rennes) – Physical properties and stability of 3D and layered perovskite materials for photovoltaic applications

– Valentin Flauraud (EPFL, Lausanne - Switzerland) – Nanoparticle assembly: controlling topography and capillary forces at the nanoscale to build functional devices

Vincent Humblot (LRS - UPMC, Paris and GDR B2i) – Surfaces and interfaces bioengineering: functionalization, characterization and application

Angélique Luu-Dinh (CSEM, Nauchatel - Switzerland) – Nanoscale surface engineering by photon-assisted nanoimprint technology

Yoshio Mita (VDEC - Université de Tokyo, Japan) – Integration of a photovoltaic remote driver with high-voltage MEMS using standard CMOS technology

– Maria Tchernycheva (C2N - CNRS/UPSud, Orsay) – Nitride nanowire LEDs : from rigid to flexible devices

– Christophe Vieu (LAAS - CNRS, Toulouse) – The Involvement of scientists in the ethical debate on nanotechnologies through a personal experience : current actions and perspectives


Awardees of RENATECH Prize: 

– To be announced

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